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General description of intelligent AC panel
Intelligent AC panel adopts ATS auto switch and intelligent monitoring, measurement and control technology. It is a double AC power switch product with the integration of switch and logical control, higher reliable switch and more perfect functions. It realizes of electric and mechanical interlocks to guarantee the safe and reliable power switch, and it is easy to realize the central monitoring of multi electric quantity, and it can be connected to the remote monitoring system as required by the customers. It has remarkable features of advanced technology, perfect performance, safety, reliability, high automation degree, beautiful outline, easy operation and vast range of applications. It is a high and new technology product of double power switch replacing the traditional AC contactor and circuit breaker. This product is used for important electricity consuming places with high reliability and No-man on duty, such as transformer station, generating power station, communication room, high level building, bank, hospital, coal mine, watercraft, industrial production line, chemical industry, metallurgy, civil air defence and military devices.

Working conditions of intelligent AC panel
1. Indoor with good ventilation;
2. Altitude should not be more than 2000m;
3. Environment temperature: -10?~+50?;
4. Relative humidity should not be more than 90%;
5. Atmosphere pressure: 80~110Kpa;
6. No conductive dust and corrosive gas which can damage the metal or insulation in the surrounding medium.
Technical specifications of intelligent AC panel
1. Operation voltage: Three phases, four lines, 380V, 50Hz;
2. The total rated output current capacity and output circuits number can be setup as required by the customers;
3. Double power switch adopts ATS switch of PC class. The micro monitoring device can monitor two sets of ATS switches at the same time, and it is also applicable to ATS switches of CB and CC class;
4. All operation data of the monitoring power system is displayed on 240*128 LCD;
5. The system has many working models for customers' selection, such as fixed power supply model, auto switch model;
6. Chinese human-machine interface with simple and easy operation;
7. It acquires and displays the data of two circuit AC input three phase voltage, three phase current, frequency, power , active power, reactive power and electrical degree. The electricity metering adopts the special chip of ATT7022B to meet the metering requirement;
8. It has inspection and alarm functions of over voltage, under voltage, default phase, over load and zero sequence over current;
9. It has auto/manual switch. It can be switched under manual model;
10. The load outgoing line of busbar system is a modularization with compact structure, safety, beauty and easy maintenance;
11. All setup and measurement display value standard can be setup through software;
12. The system can choose to monitor the outgoing line switch status of each circuit and the alarm of switch status change;
13. It has two isolation communication ports. One isolation port of RS 485is used for the communication with switch status acquisition unit and the intelligent monitoring devices of other systems. The other isolation port of RS232/485 is used for the communication with the upper computer.
Design and installation of intelligent AC panel
1. The panel body structure is PK-10 type with lock at front and rear doors, and the complete machine is formed by plates;
2. Outline dimension: 2260mmx800mmx600mm (HxWxD);
3. Connect the earthing end and the earthing net reliably during the installation, and then lead the AC power of three phases and four lines to the terminal strip (A, B, C, D) behind the panel.

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