Intelligent heavy hammer hydraulic control slow closed butterfly valve

Nominal Diameter: DN150~DN3500
Nominal Pressure: PN2.5~PN40
Applicable Medium: water, sea water, sediment water, oil and so on
Temperature of medium: =80 celsius degree
Opening time of valve: 10~120 seconds(adjustable)
Quickly closing time: 1.5~30 seconds(adjustable)
Slowly closing time: 6~120 seconds(adjustable)
Angle of quickly close 70 degree ± 10 degree
Angle of slowly close: 20 degree ± 10 degree
Minimum friction coefficient on full open state: 0.1
Optional control power supply: AC220V,DC220V, DC110V,DC24V

Hydraulic control slow closed butterfly valve is the much more advanced pipeline control equipments in domestic and abroad at present. It is mainly installed on the entrance of turbine in the hydropower station as the inlet valve for turbine, or on the outlet of water conservancy, electric power, water supply and drainage etc water pumps in various pumping stations to replace the check valve and gate valve. According to the principle of hydraulic transient process, this valve is cooperated with the pipeline host to realize the reliable cut-off of pipeline, effectively eliminate the water hammer inside the pipeline through the effective setting of electro-hydraulic control program during operation. And it can realize automatically close the valve without electricity to protect the safety of pipeline system.

With a heavy hammer potential energy for the automatical closing valve power supply, the intelligent heavy hammer hydraulic control slow closd butterfly valve adopts PLC intelligent control system and can be added with the manual and automatic locking devices according to the customers' requirements. Characteristic: small flow resistance, high automation, complete functions, stable and reliable performance.