High-pressure hydropower spherical valve
Nominal Diameter: DN300~DN1600
Nominal Pressure: PN2.5~PN160
Applicable Medium: water, sea water, sediment water, oil and so on
Temperature of medium: ?80 celsius degree
Opening time of valve: 10~240 seconds (adjustable)
Quickly closing time: 3~60 seconds (adjustable)
Slowly closing time: 6~90 seconds (adjustable)
Angle of quickly close : 70 degree ±10 degree
Angle of slowly close: 20 degree±10 degree
Minimum friction coefficient on full open state: 0
Optional control power supply: AC220V, DC220V, DC110V, DC24V

High-pressure hydropower spherical valve is mainly used in large and medium-sized hydropower station, which is installed in the front of the turbine as inlet valve. It is connected with the penstock in the upstream and with the water inlet pipe of spiral casing in the downstream. On one hand, the maintenance can be safely done through cut off the water flow inside the pipe by this valve when the turbine or generator need to be inspected and repaired. On the other hand, it can quickly and effectively cut off the water flow to prevent accidents when the turbine or generator appear abnormal situation.

High-pressure hydropower spherical valve can be used in the medium contained with silt water. This valve only can be used as shut-off valve but not regulate flow valve.

High-pressure hydropower spherical valve has the features of small flow resistance, simple structure, small volume and light weight of special sphere, easy operation, quickly open and close, only rotate 90 degree from fully open to fully close, convenient remote control. Easy maintenance: the seal ring of hydropower spherical valve is active for more convenient to dismantle and replace. When fully open or fully close, the sealing surface of sphere and valve seat is separated with the medium; when the medium pass through, it will not cause the corrosion on the valve sealing surface with longer service life.